We initially established this capability in house to minimize wait-time & cost associated with re-work of parts by our customers. There are instances where tight tolerances are required and the coating thickness is just enough to override the tolerances. Since we fully understand the coating materials finished behavior, in these situations we do both, machine the parts and apply the coatings. We offer our machining services on a stand-alone basis as well.

In addition, we provide assembling services to further reduce time and costs associated to things, such as, shipping back & forth and packaging and un-packaging. Inter-Ion has a full line of fabrication and machining capabilities. This allows Inter-Ion to offer a one-stop source to its customers. Capabilities include:

CNC milling
CNC turning
MIG, TIG and ARC welding
Laser cutting and forming
Plasma cutting
Bending and cutting
Interion Fabricating